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  • Saturday, May 1, 2021

    Virtual Event: 10am - 12pm Central Time


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    Rev. Tracey Anderson-Tellado

    A Speck of Pepper in a Shakerful of Salt: Being a Black Christian in Primarily White Spaces

    Reverend Tracey Anderson-Tellado is a wife, mother, minister, and U.S. Air Force, veteran. Tracey has served in pastoral capacities during her time in ministry and is currently the Moderator-Elect for the Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) She is an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Stark College & Seminary in Corpus Christi and is in pursuit of her Doctor of Ministry at United Theological Seminary.


    In the community, Rev Anderson-Tellado is part of the local ministerial alliance and is active with the YWCA, and moderated their 14th Annual Racial Justice Forum during the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.



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    Yvonne Kariuki

    GIS: My JEDI Language for Fighting Health Disparities

    Yvonne M. Kariuki is a proud military veteran. Born and raised in the northeast, she began her healthcare career researching health disparities in urban communities using GIS.


    She has also served as a biomedical equipment technician in the US ARMY, in addition to her roles as a health educator, epidemiologic research assistant, and health data analyst. Her hobbies include hiking, running, public speaking, broadcasting, volunteering, traveling, and crafting.


    Yvonne has a passion to improve access to and quality of healthcare, especially in rural communities.




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    Armon Alex and Maggie Peacock

    Including Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

    Armon Alex is a Senior Youth Leadership Council Member and on the Board of Directors for EarthEcho International International under the direction of Philippe Cousteau and the founder of Project WAVES, a student-led initiative that focuses education and advocacy on water quality throughout South Texas coastal communities. Armon is an Undergraduate student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, pursuing a bachelor's in Science Communications and Public Relations.



    Maggie Peacock is a Youth Environmentalist and a high school senior from Lipan, Texas. She has worked with many fellow young environmental leaders in organizations such as the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Youth Advisory Council and YOUNGO Ocean's Voice Working Group. Maggie is the co-executive director of the Gulf of Mexico Youth Climate Summit and plans to attend Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi next fall to study marine biology and political science.



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    Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford

    Passive Allyship is No Longer Enough

    Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford grew up in rural Oklahoma in a homogenous community of 1,600 people. She was clueless to its lack of diversity and could not spell, define, or pronounce homogeneous. She used Pell grants and scholarships to pay for college, where her social justice consciousness was continuously challenged and refined. She graduated with a Ph.D. in communication studies in 2006 from the University of Iowa.


    Today, Amy is an author, professor, and associate provost at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, an Hispanic-Serving Institution of 12,000 students in South Texas. She is the past president of the Central States Communication Association and has been honored with many local, state, and national awards, including University Communication Educator of the Year in both Texas and Oklahoma. Amy lives with Gene, her spouse of 15 years, and their seven rescued pets.



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    Dr. Kasia Suarez

    Cultural Diversity – Why we should respect one another

    Dr. Kasia Suarez is an Immigrant, Real Estate Consultant, Educator, and Life Coach. She is an immigrant who came to this country when she was 8. She studied education and became a math teacher. She continued to pursue her education and obtained a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and became a district curriculum leader.


    When Dr. Kasia Suarez became a mother, she decided to make a professional change and pursue being an entrepreneur. She became a health and life coach to continue to help others change their lives.


    In her beginning college days, Dr. Kasia Suarez thought about becoming a real estate agent but chose to not pursue that path.


    During the pandemic, she decided to finally pursue those dreams and obtained her real estate license to represent individuals in making one of the biggest purchases in their lives.


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    Leticia Wilson

    Double Dutch Theory + "Unmute"

    I’m Leticia Wilson. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am a higher ed professional, life coach/encourager/motivator, and a descendant of the African diaspora (Afro/Cuban/Caribbean).


    As the eldest child of two, I grew up between states and continents, Germany, Kentucky, Nigeria, Texas, Pennsylvania (military brat), and awakened into existence at Wright Patterson Air-force Base in Ohio, a community nestled near Dayton, Ohio.


    In my childhood and up until the age of twelve, my time between the nomadic life of a military family moving every two to three years, and reintroducing myself as the new kid on the block posed a challenge to feel like I belong.


    I use my empathic listening and belief that vertical problems have horizontal solutions, like changing hopes into goals, submerging growth mindset tactics, and setting pillars of accountability.