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I’m Leticia Wilson. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am a higher ed professional, life coach/encourager/motivator, and a descendant of the African diaspora (Afro/Cuban/Caribbean). As the eldest of child of two, I grew up between states and continents, Germany, Kentucky, Nigeria, Texas, Pennsylvania (military brat) and awakened into existence at Wright Patterson Air-force Base in Ohio, a community nestled near Dayton, Ohio. In my childhood and up until the age of twelve, my time between the nomadic life of a military family moving every two to three years, and reintroducing myself as the new kid on the block posed a challenge to feel like I belong. However, I did find my superpower in embracing my polylithic narrative and listening to others express their own life tapestry. I used my power to intentionally connect with others, openness to various perspectives and letting my inner light shine. I have a unique perspective as a education professional for over 15 years, alumni of an Historical Black College/University (HBCU), former track and field athletic coach, an academic advisor operating within various institutional setting PWI (predominately white institutions) & HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) and a transformative social justice warrior through civic engagement. I use my empathic listening and belief that vertical problems have horizontal solutions, like changing hopes into goals, submerging growth mindset tactics and setting pillars of accountability. The questions people most often ask me are: How do you develop a plan to meet your goals? How do you juggle multiple commitments with limited time? How did you get into higher education and especially pathways to academic advising? How do you maintain your high energy levels and upbeat attitude? Many people view me as an education professional, but they don’t know that I also love road cycling. Anything over 20 miles is a good ride. I enjoy social ballroom dancing, various styles but my favorite is salsa. Being out in the great outdoors, trail walking, kayaking and fishing (notice I didn’t say catching). I’m determined to be fully present in the moment, model humility in my daily interactions and show up as my authentic unapologetic self. Just as I was able to create a pathway for myself, I’m committed to helping others create a clearer path for themselves. I want to empower individuals to strike a goal off the list. I want to inspire daily activity towards the long term goals. I want to celebrate the wins along the journey of life.    

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