Kriti Vashisht - Assistant Professor

Serving Me, so I can Serve You!
Have you encountered challenges in balancing your role as a social justice advocate/activist, while trying to practice self-care and perseverance? I am here to talk about how we can best position our roles in social justice causes, so that the spotlight stays on the cause instead of us, and also why we must make sure we “put on our own oxygen masks first before assisting others.”
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Kriti Vashisht identifies as an educator and practitioner in the field of global mental health. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at McNeese State University in Louisiana. Her work is largely shaped by her interest in human rights, participatory approaches, and intersectionality of mental health to justice and social issues. Her recent work is focused on mental health stigma, LGBTQ advocacy, and intersection of women’s justice issues and mental health.

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