Kriti Vashisht - Serving Me, so I can Serve You!

Serving Me, so I can Serve You!

· TEDxColePark Women 2021
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Kriti Vashisht, Assistant Professor

Serving Me, so I can Serve You! Have you encountered challenges in balancing your role as a social justice advocate/activist, while trying to practice self-care and perseverance? I am here to talk about how we can best position our roles in social justice causes, so that the spotlight stays on the cause instead of us, and also why we must make sure we “put on our own oxygen masks first before assisting others.”


I could feel how the analysis of skin tone and humiliation by my friends and family about my skin color had impacted me deeply. I could feel how the inappropriate touch by several men had resulted in over-conscious self. I carry no pity for me rather I have been a fierce woman and turned my personal journey into my career. My narrative dictates why I am passionate about studying mental health and its intersectionality with social and political factors. I practice inter-disciplinary scholarly work to explore and promote the idea of mental health in the work of empowerment. Isn’t strange that developmental sector worked on empowering communities through millennium/sustainable goals for years without thinking about the psychological empowerment?